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Hello everyone!

It seems like we've finally approached the end. I would like to thank everyone for their contributions. Without all of your efforts, the exchange wouldn't have turned out as well as it did. To all the participants: thank you for claiming and filling as many prompts as you could given the deadlines and to the non-participants: thank you for your generosity in writing for the requests!

Lastly, I would like to extend special thanks to my co-mods blueballons, pikagyu, static_abyss, and jinkitama for all of their help and support, especially those chaotic hours after we opened the claims. It was a pleasure and a privilege to have worked with all of you!

As of right now, 207 out of 250 ficlets have been written for this exchange. I'm happy to say that every inbox have received at least one valentine. For those who have been given extensions, please post your fills by the deadline you have discussed with your recipient!

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to complete their fills by the deadline. I'm sorry to say that hime24 (5 unfilled), tripmee (4), hibikiecho (4), centuryold (3), sayonarasunday (3), permutate (2), soundbrighter (2), and fazings (2) will be banned from participating in future rounds of this exchange. If you believe there was a mistake made, please contact me and I will remove your name from this list right away.

On a final note, any suggestions or feedback are much appreciated. Anonymous commenting is open, so feel free to say whatever is on your mind.

Once again, thank you for your participation. I hope you've all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

kpv mod


Feb. 28th, 2012

Hello all!

It's good to see that you've all been working very hard on completing your fills! The wrap-up post and final tallies will go up within 24 hours. Feel free to use the time in between as a mini-extension for final formatting/proofreading/posting.

Again, if you're unable to make the deadline, make sure to talk it over with the recipient and let me know!

Thank you for your participation!


Deadline reminder

Dear participants,

Tomorrow, February 28th, is the hard deadline to complete your kpopvalentines fills! Please try to post them by the end of that day or let me know if you've worked out an alternate deadline with your recipient.

Good luck writing!

kpv mods


Inbox Reveal Post 2012

Hi everyone, it's the moment you've been waiting for! I'm sure you're excited to read what has been written for you, but before that, I'd like to start with a few reminders and clarifications:

1) All comments except those used to forfeit requests are unscreened. This means that both request fills and request claims will be unscreened.

2) Those who have unfilled claims: please complete them by February 28th. Your recipient will be able to see if you've claimed their request. If you have worked out an alternate deadline with the recipient, please let me know so you do not get blacklisted!

3) There were a lot of requests claimed and a lot of of them filled, but unfortunately, there were some inboxes that have not received any valentines at the time of this post. Rest assured that your requests will be completed eventually. Alternatively, if you would like to claim more requests to fill, please feel free to do so!

4) Unlike last year, I haven't had time to link each of the fills to this list, and further updates of fills will also be slow. So it's better to track the inbox entry than this list if you're looking for updates.

5) Feel free to give feedback to the writers even if they did not write for your request!

6) You are now free to post your fills to your journals.

And now without further ado, I present to you: Inbox RevealsCollapse )

~ From your mods: subtleslide (Ralph), blueballons (Kitty), pikagyu (Lilly), static_abyss (Ana), and jinkitama (Tama)

**If there are any errors on this list, please comment here and let us know so we may fix it! Thanks!**

Two days until Valentine's Day! Inbox reveals will be on February 14 at ~6PM PST :)


Request Replacement Post

If you are a participant and would like a another chance to get your requests filled, then this post is for you! You may replace any unclaimed request in your inbox for another, as long as the total number of requests remains the same. Please note that once you replace a request, you cannot change it again or revert it back to the original.

Please fill out the form below in the comments:

The updated requests will be BOLDED in both the inbox and masterlist for easier reference, as will any dropped/forfeited requests.

Also note that this process is entirely optional. If you would like to keep your original requests in case they are picked up at the last second, you are also free to do so.

Lastly, if you have claimed requests or are planning to claim more requests, you are locked in to fulfill them from this time onward. The deadline is February 28th, but completing and posting them by February 14th is strongly encouraged.

Thank you for your time!



Hey guys, just a reminder that on Tuesday February 7th around 6PM PST, a post will go up that will allow participants with inboxes to replace their unclaimed prompts with new ones of their choosing. So if some of your requests haven't been crossed off yet, start thinking up new ones! Of course, this process is completely optional, so if you prefer to keep your old prompts, that's perfectly fine too.

Other participants: feel free come back then and check out the new prompts!

As well, February 7th, 6PM PST will also be the deadline for dropping any prompts you have claimed but do not believe you can finish. After this point, you are locked into filling the request you have claimed and will be penalized for not completing them by February 28th.

Again, even though February 28th is the hard deadline for the gifts, please try to have them completed by February 14th when the inboxes are unscreened :)


A quartet of updates

Dear participants,

At this point, most of you have claimed a few prompts of your own and are getting ready to write. Here is a post that will hopefully clarify a few rules and help you out a little :)

1. The Posting Guidelines

Once you have finished writing for a request (hooray!), please post it as a comment in the participant's inbox with the prompt number, title, pairing, and rating if applicable. If you have gone above and beyond the 100 word minimum and find yourself unable to fit your story into one comment box, please post the subsequent parts of the story as a new comment. Just remember to include part numbers in the header!

As an example of this process, here's a masterlist of last year's inboxes for reference to posting.

2. Claim Dropping

Sometimes, we bite off more than we can chew. There's no shame in going a little crazy with claiming when faced with a list of 250 exciting prompts. If you are able to fill all the requests you've claimed by February 14th (soft deadline) or 28th (hard deadline), then congratulations! However, if you cannot foresee yourself completing your claims by February 28th, please give up any of those claims by February 7th, 2012. You can do so by messaging the mods or commenting in this post.

(Prompts that have been dropped will be uncrossed from the inbox and masterlist and bolded, so participants, please check back often to see if a request you wanted is available to be taken again!)

If you choose to hold on to your claims past February 7th, then you are locked in to fill that request. Should you fail to complete the fill by February 28, 2012, you will be blacklisted and banned from participating in future rounds of this exchange.

The penalty is harsh because the prompt that you have claimed and left unfilled could have been taken by someone else to create a gift for that person. Remember that we're trying to get as many prompts filled in each inbox as possible. Please help us achieve this goal!

3. Prompt Switching

On February 7th, after the claims drop deadline, participants whose inboxes contain unclaimed requests may replace them with other requests. A new post will open then for participants switch their prompts.

The new prompts will also be bolded in the inbox and masterlist, so please check back then to see if there are any other requests you'd like to fill. Please note that beyond February 7th, any prompts that you claim cannot be dropped, and you are locked in to complete them by February 28th at the latest.

4. Messenger Service

Do you have any questions about your giftee's preferences? Are you worried that your interpretation of their prompt may not be what they're looking for? Well worry no more, the kpv mods will gladly act as your messengers!

Just comment here with the inbox # and prompt # of your claim, as well as the question/concern you have for your giftee, and we will pass the message on to them, all while keeping your identities anonymous! Try it out for free! No postage required!

As usual, questions/comments/concerns go in the commentbox. Comments are screened.

Happy writing!



Masterlist 2012

Here is the directory for all of the requests. When you see one that you want to fill, please comment on the recipient's inbox to claim it!

List of requestsCollapse )

Your Friendly Guide to Claiming Prompts
The claim process will work the same as last year, save for some minor changes, so please read this section carefully!

1) When you see a prompt that you like, please comment in the recipient's inbox to claim that request. The masterlist includes links to each of the inboxes to make this easier. If you comment in the masterlist or any other entry, your claim will be disregarded.

2) When posting your comment, please include the inbox number in addition to the prompt number. Even something as simple as "Inbox 2, Prompt 4" will be sufficient. We ask this of you because each of the mods have a certain number of inboxes to manage, so including the inbox number in your comment will help us be more organized and efficient.

3) We will cross off the requests as they are claimed on a first come, first serve basis. We will do our best to keep the lists updated, but in the event that a request is claimed multiple times before we've had time to edit the lists, the first claimer will get it.

4) This year, your claim will be confirmed by one of the mods as a reply to your comment. There will still be a slight delay, but hopefully not as bad as last time.

Other Clarifications:
1) You may claim requests from multiple inboxes, just make sure you fill them by February 14th!
2) If you would like to give up a claim, please comment in the requester's inbox by February 7th at the latest.
3) You do not have to be a participant in kpopvalentines to fill these requests!
4) When you fill the request, please post it in the recipient's inbox and do not post it anywhere else until after the unveiling (February 14th). If it is in multiple parts, then you may post each as a comment to the inbox. Make sure to include the Prompt Number, Part Number, and Title if applicable.

A post will open on February 7th for participants who may wish to change their own unclaimed requests. Please check back then for new prompts!

Thank you for all of your patience and support!

Sign-ups closed!

Like the title says! Claim process will start 5PM PST. In the meantime, feel free to go through the prompts again. There have been five new inboxes and a few changed prompts since the masterlist was revealed yesterday.

See you in two hours! :)