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Inbox Reveal Post 2012

Hi everyone, it's the moment you've been waiting for! I'm sure you're excited to read what has been written for you, but before that, I'd like to start with a few reminders and clarifications:

1) All comments except those used to forfeit requests are unscreened. This means that both request fills and request claims will be unscreened.

2) Those who have unfilled claims: please complete them by February 28th. Your recipient will be able to see if you've claimed their request. If you have worked out an alternate deadline with the recipient, please let me know so you do not get blacklisted!

3) There were a lot of requests claimed and a lot of of them filled, but unfortunately, there were some inboxes that have not received any valentines at the time of this post. Rest assured that your requests will be completed eventually. Alternatively, if you would like to claim more requests to fill, please feel free to do so!

4) Unlike last year, I haven't had time to link each of the fills to this list, and further updates of fills will also be slow. So it's better to track the inbox entry than this list if you're looking for updates.

5) Feel free to give feedback to the writers even if they did not write for your request!

6) You are now free to post your fills to your journals.

And now without further ado, I present to you: Inbox Reveals

Inbox #1
For afxtown

1. f(x), krystal/amber, honey and clover style au/art school, artists, etc au, any rating [Filled]
2. supreme team/t-ara, esens/soyeon, you forget it, any rating [Filled]
3. infinite, dongwoo/myungsoo, you say i'll give you anything, any rating [Filled]
4. afterschool/2pm, kahi/chansung, does your back still arch the way it used to when i kissed you?, any rating [Filled]
5. iu/t-ara, jieun/jiyeon, 19/or you were my first love or anything about first loves, lol, any rating [Filled]

Inbox #2
For ladadadi

1. Big Bang/2NE1, TOP/Bom, any picture from this photoset (but especially the second!), r or below [Filled]
2. DBSK/2NE1, Yunho/CL, this picture (potentially a fairytale au?), r or below [Filled]
3. f(x), Sulli-centric (pairing welcome but not necessary!), this picture, r or below [Filled]
4. SNSD, Sunny/Jessica, unresolved sexual tension (especially fic that deals with both of them being ridiculously flirty and then not being able to tell if the other one is serious about their attraction), any rating
5. Big Bang/SNSD, TOP/Tiffany, I'm in love but I'm lazy, r or below [Filled]

Inbox #3
For audiobolt

1. T-ara, Eunjung/Jiyeon/Hyomin (or any permutation thereof), zombie apocalypse, any rating [Filled]
2. Crossover, IU/Jiyeon, this or "I would like to be the air / that inhabits you for a moment / only. I would like to be that unnoticed / & that necessary.", any rating [Filled]
3. T-ara, Hyomin/Jiyeon, this, any rating [Filled]
4. SNSD, Sooyoung/Yuri, this or this, any rating
5. T-ara (Lovey Dovey MV-verse), Eunjung/Qri(Jiyeon), this "Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly.", any rating

Inbox #4
For windlost

1. infinite, wooyeol, witty banter; self-absorbed woohyun, all ratings [Filled]
2. infinite, woogyu, sunggyu being dense--as usual; preferably some sort of au, all ratings
3. beast, kikwang/hyunseung, domestic-ish au but no children, all ratings [Filled]
4. shinee, jongyu, childhood story w/o annoying child dialogue; regular dialogue plz, all ratings [Filled]
5. super junior, kyuhyun/hyukjae, really really awkward kyuhyun, all ratings [Filled]

Inbox #5
For avages

1. infinite, myungsoo/sungyeol,prompt, preferably college au, any rating [Filled]
2. shinee/f(x), taemin/sulli, prompt, any rating [Filled]
3. f(x), sulli/luna, bonding time in the group car, no porn [Filled]
4. luna/iu/jiyeon, 93-line sleepover, no porn
5. infinite, woohyun/sunggyu, prompt, any rating [Filled]

Inbox #6
For firequakes

1. fti; jonghun/seunghyun or fti/cnb; jonghun/jonghyun; oh darling, let's be adventurers [Filled]
2. '93-line; iu/jiyeon or t-ara; soyeon/hyomin; "everything you need to learn about life, you learn in high school
3. 91-line; jaejin/key or jaejin/mir; [Filled]
4. miss a; min/suzy; (267): My roommate found me crawling down the hallway as she was on her way to her morning class. Its time for a new semester. or (810): I just spent the last two hours on the phone with Emily trying to explain to her how to finger herself. [Filled]
5. wg/younha; yoobin/younha; ( prompt ) [Filled]

Inbox #7
For voorpret

1. super junior, heechul/hyukjae, confessions, R or below
2. big bang, top/seungri, open to interpretation, R or below [Filled]
3. snsd, jessica/hyoyeon, conflict, R or below [Filled]
4. snsd/miss a, hyoyeon/min, reunion, R or below [Filled]
5. mblaq, byunghee/changsun, emotional discomfort, R or below [Filled]

Inbox #8
For otf09

1. snsd, taeyeon/tiffany, skinny love (this), R or below [Filled]
2. f(x), sulli/krystal, this, R or below [Filled]
3. snsd, yoona/taeyeon, this, R or below [Filled]
4. snsd, sunny/tiffany, college au fluff, R or below (doesn't have to be a romantic relationship, just friendship is fine too.) [Filled]
5. snsd/f(x) or snsd, yoona/jessica or tiffany/krystal (either one is fine doesn't matter) - the first drag of a cigarette, any rating. [Filled]

Inbox #9
For bollywoodrecord

1. super junior/snsd - kyuhyun/seohyun - marriage au - pg13
2. super junior/snsd - heechul/jessica - office au - pg13 [Filled]
3. big bang/2ne1 - gdragon/cl - 'welcome to the city where everyone wants to be someone else' - pg13 [Filled]
4. cnblue/snsd - jonghyun/seohyun - 'not all those who wander are lost' - pg13 [Filled]
5. super junior/snsd - kyuhyun/taeyeon - 'something you said kept me up all night - pg13 [Filled]

Inbox #10
For xfwankiex

1. shinee, 2min, school play, pg and above (pre-established relationship)
2. girl!shinee, minkey, soccer and cheerleaders, pg and above(pre-established relationship
3. shinee, jongyu, pets at the dorm, pg and above(pre-established relationship) [Filled]
4. super junior, kihae, welcome back, any rating (friendship) [Filled]
5. super junior, simin, flexibility, pg and above(pre-established relationship) [Filled]

Inbox #11
For reduxed

1. infinite, myungsoo/sungyeol, coffee houses, angst, pg-13 [Filled]
2. super junior, siwon/kyuhyun, this song, g [Filled]
3. dbsk, changmin/jaejoong, stardust, angel AU, pg-13 [Filled]
4. infinite, woohyun/sunggyu, sex, drugs, crime, character death, r [Filled]
5. block b, yukwon/jaehyo, pretty young things, any rating [Filled]

Inbox #12
For meridianslair

1. shinee, minho/taemin, "Sex is great until you die, but it's never as great as it was when you were a kid, when it was a mystery." -David Duchovny , NC-17 porn(does not have to be explicit) friendship, teenage experiments
2. shinee, taemin/taemin(narcissism), "Shyness has a strange element of narcissism, a belief that how we look, how we perform, is truly important to other people." -Andre Dubus, any [Filled]
3. shinee, taemin/myfirstkiss!taemin, taemin watches videos of himself performing my first kiss with key and gets turned on more than he should watching himself, any
4. shinee, taemin/jonghyun, taemin takes charge for a change, any
5. shinee, jonghyun/key,, pg-13 or lower [Filled]

Inbox #13
For tripmee

1. suju-m/f(x), henry/amber and/or zhou mi/victoria, high school au, any rating [Filled]
2. SHINee, Jonghyun/Minho, What happens when Jonghyun gets his own boobs (doesn't have to be genderswitch ;D ), any rating [Filled]
3. Infinite, L/Sungjong,, any rating
4. Suju/SNSD (crossover), any pairing, The SJ/SNSD SPAO Photoshoot, any rating [Filled]
5. Troublemaker, Hyunseung/Hyuna, Trouble Maker's choreography, any rating [Filled]

Inbox #14
For jinkitama

1. INFINITE, Woogyu, domestic, R [Filled]
2. SHINee, ONKEY, prom, PG-13 [Filled]
3. INFINITE, Woogyu, AU!University, R-NC17
4. SHINee, Jongkey, music, R [Filled]
5. BEAST, Dooseob, hugs and kisses, PG/R [Filled]

Inbox #15
For oneu

1. SHINee, Onew/Minho, Can we just cuddle already? (Alt prompts: 01, 02) [i.e. flufffff/sap please you don't need to follow the prompts if you don't want to^^;], pg-15 I guess? [Filled]
2. SHINee, Onew/Minho, Onew and Minho being kinky (cutting &/or blood = awesome; full on sex not necessary), R/NC-17 [Filled]
3. Infinite, Myungsoo/Sungjong, I hate Valentines day, pg-15 [Filled]
4. Infinite, Hoya/Sungjong, Ice cream date, PG-15 [Filled]
5. SHINee, Onew/Minho, Onew getting jealous because of how many valentines chocolates/etc Minho receives, PG-15 [Filled]

Inbox #16
For shigani

1. infinite, myungsoo/sungyeol, college!AU: “my hand doesn’t fit into yours/but i’ll hold on anyway", R or below [Filled]
2. infinite, woohyun/sungyeol, “you flirt because you don’t know how you really feel”, preferably an AU, g or pg [Filled]
3. infinite, woohyun/myungsoo, where myungsoo is a photographer/photography student, R or below [Filled]
4. 2PM, taecyeon/chansung, roadtrip!AU, g or pg [Filled]
5. suju/DBSK, kyuhyun/changmin, snark but they’re both super cute and get each other valentine’s gifts, g or pg [Filled]

Inbox #17
For noteinabottle

1. MBLAQ, joonho, space travel, any rating [Filled]
2. MBLAQ, joon/g.o., high school AU, any rating [Filled]
3. MBLAQ, joondoong, hot cocoa, any rating [Filled]
4. B1A4, cnu/jinyoung, time travel, any rating
5. B1A4, cnu/baro, "Is it time yet?", any rating

Inbox #18
For deviatings

1. f(x)/suju, victoria/kyuhyun, victoria mentioning nichkhun any time she's within hearing range of kyuhyun, any [Filled]
2. snsd, jeti, monsters under the bed, any
3. beast/, doojoon/, first date, any [Filled]
4. t-ara, eunjung/hyomin, surprisingly sweet, any
5. f(x)/dbsk or snsd, victoria/changmin or victoria/yoona, trying your hardest not to notice her, any [Filled]

Inbox #19
For walkonpluto

1. b.a.p, yongguk/himchan, himchan's the visual, any rating.
2. 2pm, chansung/nichkhun, sexual tension, any rating
3.2pm, chansung/wooyoung, visual maknae, any rating
4. oneday (2am&2pm), chansung/jinwoon, jinwoon is tired from filming DH2, any rating
5. mblaq, thunder/mir, insomnia, any rating [Filled]

Inbox #20
For hei_wings

1. shinee, jongkey, injury (with fluff?), pg-13 or lower
2. shinee, jongkey, space au, no porn please [Filled]
3. super junior, hanchul, "why are you like this," any rating [Filled]
4. shinee, jongkey, top!key? :D;;, any rating
5. snsd, ot...9 (gen), teddy bears, pg-13 or lower

Inbox #21
For happymint

1. snsd/cn blue, sunny/jonghyun, red lipstick, R
2. shinee, jongkey, pink hot pants & soju, pg-15 or below [Filled]
3. shinee/f(x), onew/luna, scarves & hot chocolate, pg (friendship) [Filled]
4. 2pm/solo, wooyoung/iu, fate is so cruel to them, any rating [Filled]
5. suju/snsd, leeteuk/sunny, any inspiring quote, any rating (former lovers, if possible) [Filled]

Inbox #22
For hibikiecho

1. Shinee, jongho, wrestling, PG-13 (bromance)
2. Mblaq, mirder, making chocolate, G [Filled]
3. SuJu, kyumin, "Knowledge is power, and power corrupts. So study hard and be evil.", R
4. b2st, junseung, Troublemaker, PG [Filled]
5. Shinee, OT5, "Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.", R [Filled]

Inbox #23
For rawrstarrr

1. ss501, hyunjoong/youngsaeng, chasing pavements, pg13 to nc17 [Filled]
2. shinhwa, eric/andy, hating serious talk though needing it, pg13 to nc17
3. tvxq, yunho/jaejoong, beauty and pain, pg13 to nc17 [Filled]
4. cross: ss501/tvxq, hyunjoong/jaejoong, sunrise/sunset, pg13 to nc17 [Filled]
5. cross: solos, jung jihoon (rain)/choi dongwook (se7en), unexpected, pg13 to nc17 [Filled]

Inbox #24
For yooruce

1. shinee, jonghyun/minho, wingman / , any [Filled]
2. infinite, L/woohyun, photography / , any [Filled]
3. b1a4, baro/sandeul, road trip / , any [Filled]
4. t-ara/iu, jiyeon/iu, shopping / , any [Filled]
5. mblaq/shinee, joon/onew, telephone calls / , any [Filled]

Inbox #25
For merrysheep

1. after school, raina/e-young, ♫♪, any [Filled]
2. infinite, woohyun/dongwoo/sunggyu, ♫♪♫ | ♫♪♫, any [Filled]
3. t-ara, hwayoung/hyomin, ♫♪ | ♫♪, any [Filled]
4. rainbow, woori/seungah/jisook, ♫♪♫ | ♫♪♫, any
5. dgna, jihwan-centric(pairings also fine!), ♫♪ | ♫♪ | ♫♪, any [Filled]

Inbox #26
For hotarumyst

1. b1a4, baro/sandeul,, porn please ): ♥ [Filled]
2. infinite, woohyun/sunggyu, "Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?" , any rating [Filled]
3. teen top, l.joe/niel, "A half truth, like half a brick, is always more forcible as an argument than a whole one. It carries better.", any rating [Filled]
4. dgna, jihwan/hyunchul, all-nighter, any rating [Filled]
5. b1a4, cnu/jinyoung, “Life is one fool thing after another whereas love is two fool things after each other.”, any rating [Filled]

Inbox #27
For static_abyss

1. teen top, C.A.P/Niel, CAP touches WAY too much and Niel likes it, no porn, just them hanging off each other and being wonderful and fluffy dorks. [Filled]
2. Shinee, Jongho, a get together fic based off this (prefer Minho on top please and thank you), r and up
3. big bang/2ne1, G-Dragon/CL, based off this free to interpretation but no porn please. [Filled]
4. super junior, Siwon/Sungmin, domestic au with Siwon reading pretentious newspapers and Sungmin reading books curled up on the sofa together in the morning and fighting over the blanket ;~; idk just give me domestic shimin please , no porn just fluff.
5. super junior-m/f(x), Henry/Amber, both crushing on each other. everyone knows but them, no porn. [Filled]

Inbox #28
For yunho

1. Super Junior/DBSK, Changmin/Kyuhyun, Pic ♥, Porn or no Porn anything goes But a little higher of a rating would be nice :)
2. DBSK, Yunho/Changmin, Pic ♥, PG13 (and +)
3. FT Island, Jonghun/Hongki, Link (not the whole movie, just whatever is inspired from this scene), As high as you're comfortable with [Filled]
4. DBSK, None, Yunho and a scene with his son Moonbin, uh please nothing higher than PG-13 for this [Filled]
5. DBSK, Yunho/Changmin, Pic ♥, As high as you're comfortable with

Inbox #29
For akaanee

1. Super junior, qmi, paper hearts, R highest
2. Infinite, woogyu, tatooed wings, any rating [Filled]
3. U-kiss, soohoon, electric shocks (angst), pg highest [Filled]
4. infinite, myungyeol, up up and away (angst), any rating [Filled]
5. super junior, kyumin, kyuhyun is a mailman and sungmin is broke, any rating

Inbox #30
For emmyxogast

1. 2PM, Chanwoo, bananas & milkshakes, any rating
2. Big Bang, TOP/Seungri, First Kisses, any rating [Filled]
3. 2PM, Nichkhun/Wooyoung, It's Skin CF, any rating
4. MBLAQ, Seungho/Thunder, everyone loves Thunder but Seungho does the most, pg-13 or higher [Filled]
5. Teen Top, everyone/Ricky, the things each member likes about Ricky, pg-13 or higher [Filled]

Inbox #31
For silkekim

1. Super Junior, Eunwook, Whatever makes an impression on the heart seems lovely in the eye, R or below [Filled]
2. SHINee, Jongtae, melting chocolate, any rating [Filled]
3. MBLAQ, Mir/Thunder, wild dog, R or above
4. Super Junior, Kyuhae, evil maknae trying his best to be romantic for once, R or below [Filled]
5. Big Bang/Beast cross-over, G-Dragon/Hyunseung, make-up sex, R or above [Filled]

Inbox #32
For permutate

1. Super Junior(/DBSK), Eunhyuk/Sungmin(/Junsu), best friends never forget - they never say goodbye, any
2. TRAX/SNSD, Jungmo/Tiffany, all for show (from Fame the musical), any
3. Super Junior/SNSD, Eunhyuk/Tiffany, ballet class (from Fame the musical), any [Filled]
4. "Running Man/SNSD, Song Joongki/Sunny, puppy dog faces and sunshine, any rating" [Filled]
5. Super Junior/SNSD, Yesung/Jessica, SBS Gayo Daejun 2011, any [Filled]

Inbox #33
For emolga

1. shinee;; jonghyun/onew;; letters;; any rating is fine [Filled]
2. infinite;; dongwoo/woohyun;; your voice;; any rating is fine [Filled]
3. mblaq;; seungho/joon;; this is the only way you can remember me;; any rating is fine [Filled]
4. u-kiss;; kiseop/hoon;; workout buddies;; any rating is fine [Filled]
5. beast;; doojoon/kikwang;; make me promises;; any rating is fine [Filled]

Inbox #34
For vvipforseungri

1. BIGBANG, GRi, "The two take the 'Tom and Jerry' thing way too far.", any rating
2. BIGBANG, 2Seunghyun, "Your idea of a romantic Valentine's is getting wasted with you? ... Not a bad idea.", any rating
3. BIGBANG, BaeRi, "Youngbae's first Valentine's where he's not single.", the higher the better :) [Filled]
4. BIGBANG, GRi, "It&'s a cold February night, and Jiyong knows exactly how to keep warm with his maknae.", NC-17+ [Filled]
5. BIGBANG/2NE1, RiRin, "Roses are red, violets are blue, I suck at rhyming, and these poems are lame, anyway.", any rating [Filled]

Inbox #35
For butterflyweb

1. big bang, baeri, seungri attempts to make youngbae a valentine, glitter ensuses, porn
2. dbsk, HOmin, hug!era changmin crushing on yunho in the worst way, no porn
3. big bang, gdtop, and i never wanted anything from you, except everything you had and what's left after that too, porn [Filled]
4. big bang, gdyb, you put your arms around me and i'm home , porn or no porn [Filled]
5. dbsk, minsu, as kids on the playground, no porn [Filled]

Inbox #36
For ava_lava

1. super junior, qmi, high school AU in which Zhou Mi wonders why Kyuhyun never smiles, no porn
2. dbsk, yunjae, book club AU in which Jaejoong is shy and intelligent and club leader Yunho wants him to open up more, no porn [Filled]
3. super junior, hanchul, comedy piece in which they go on a date (epic fails and all), no porn [Filled]
4. super junior, kangteuk, AU in which Kangin tries to propose to Leeteuk but his efforts keep backfiring, no porn
5. f(x), kryber, high school AU in which Krystal is a cheerleader and Amber pretends to be a boy to play on the boys' soccer team, no porn [Filled]

Inbox #37
For subtleslide

1. super junior, kyuhyun/ryeowook, how to fall out of love in three easy steps, any rating [Filled]
2. super shinee, kyuhyun/jonghyun, twilight - kyuhyun is edward and jonghyun is bella, points for extra crack, any rating [Filled]
3. f(x)-m, henry/amber, one day, any rating [Filled]
4. smtown, gen, battle royale, R or higher for violence and gore
5. dbsk, yunho/changmin, something based on the before u go mv, where homin are crime-fighting partners, any rating [Filled]

Inbox #38
For maknaelover12

1. super generation, seokyu, possibility of kyu getting in wgm, any rating [Filled]
2. super generation, seokyu, raindrops, any rating [Filled]
3. shinee, 2min, secret rendrezvous, any rating
4. shinee, 2min,types of kisses, any rating
5. shinee, ot5 and implied!2min, future, any rating(ot5 friendship, 2min romance)

Inbox #39
For hime24

1. Suju, Mimin, setting you free, rating nc - 17 (simplified: porn or no porn?) [Filled]
2. Suju, Haemin, i can never ask you to choose, rating nc -17
3. Suju, Henmin, always you, rating NC- 17
4. DBSK, 2U, Lonely hearts, rating NC- 17 [Filled]
5. Suju, Kyumin, Never let you go, rating NC- 17 [Filled]

Inbox #40
For rubyls

1. infinite, woohyun/dongwoo, this, any rating
2. super junior, kyuhyun/eunhyuk, "Ten things you will never know about me", any rating [Filled]
3. infinite, myungsoo/sungyeol, this, no porn [Filled]
4. super junior/f(x), henry/amber, this, any rating [Filled]
5. 91 line, key/jaejin/mir/dongwoon/jinwoon/woohyun, this, no porn (friendship) [Filled]

Inbox #41
For halcyondusk

1. yg family, se7en-centric (or se7en/taebin), se7en's new song (when i can't sing, loosely based is fine) OR b1a4, bajindeul, ludwig van sandeul and his classical music appreciation club here [Filled]
2. chocoball, heechul/jungmo/jonghun/hongki/simon d, being their crazy selves in the prescence of alcohol, r
3. infinite/u-kiss, myungsoo/eli, myungsoo (and eli) being special kids, any rating [Filled]
4. troublemaker, hyunseung/hyuna, prompt kinda nsfw, yes yes yes to sexytimes
5. iu/yoseob, something based on the lyrics to's song they performed here, translations are here, any rating

Inbox #42
For 921227

1. sistar/infinite; soyu/sunggyu; ___ confessions have always been jokes but ___ has never been good with humor; any rating
2. sistar/boyfriend; donghyun/bora/hyunseong; bora gets two confessions that day but she can only accept one; any rating
3. infinite/chocolat; sungjong/juliane; sungjong's never had a girlfriend during valentines day before, juliane shows him what to do; any rating
4. f(x); krystal/amber; krystal's never interested in any of the people that confess to her....except for the upperclassman who gets away with wearing the boys uniform; any rating [Filled]
5. shinee/snsd; onew/jessica; what they had was magic...they just had to get it back; any rating

Inbox #43
For sayonarasunday

1. 2pm, Junho/Wooyoung, The Fortune Cookie Man, g-r
2. 2pm, Taecyeon/Jay, The Love Cook, g-r
3. 2PM, Nichkhyun/Wooyoung, Todo Cambio Lyrics, g-r
4. U-Kiss, Eli/Kevin, A Pavlov's Dogs dynamic, g-r [Filled]
5. U-Kiss, Soohyun/Eli, Love is Not Blind, g-r [Filled]

Inbox #44
For its_rayning

1. Beast, Doowoon (Doojoon/Dongwoon), Dongwoon hides chocolates all over Doojoon's bed & he keeps...squishing them when he goes to sleep that night, leading to an outburst about WHO HID THE CHOCOLATES ON HIS BED?? shy!Dongwoon, please <3 G or PG. [Filled]
2. SHINee, Onho (Onew/Minho), Everyone makes fun of Minho for being in ~loooove~ with Onew, but Onew thinks they're just kidding. Fluff~ G or PG [Filled]
3. Beast, Doowoon (Doojoon/Dongwoon); OT6, Dongwoon & Doojoon sneak out to go on their first date, but Hyunseung, Kikwang, Yoseob, & Junhyung catch on and want to go too. Awkward!OT6 date with snippets of embarrassing Doowoon, please <3 G or PG [Filled]
4. Beast, OT6, opening their Valentines gifts from B2uties, crack! G [Filled]
5. ShiNEE, Jongkey, high school AU. Key is Jonghyun's flaming best friend who happens to keep sending his love confession letter to the wrong person (i.e. not Jonghyun) G - PG-13 [Filled]

Inbox #45
For theirblinggirl

1. Block B, ZiKyung, Jiho and Kyung spending a lonely Xmas together (like he mentioned on Studio C), FRIENDSHIP and BROMANCE only please~
2. ZE:A or INFINITE, Junyoung/Minwoo or Myungsoo/Sungjong, established and domestic relationship, any rating tho smut would be MUCH appreciated [Filled]
3. Super Junior (WGM), TeukSora, "He is only older according to his birth certificate", any rating
4. FT Island, Hongki/Jonghun "I’ll find you somehow again" video any rating [Filled]
5. Shinhwa, Eric/Hyesung, "Not even for a day did I ever forget you, For even a moment, for even a moment, did I leave you" (Shin Hyesung - Why did you call?) any rating

Inbox #46
For centuryold

1. dalmatian; intae/donglim, coffee shop au | pic, any rating [Filled]
2. infinite; hoya/sungjong, superpowers, any rating [Filled]
3. b1a4; jinyoung/sandeul, hospital au, any rating
4. myname; chaejin/junkyu, college au | pic, any rating
5. teen top; byunghun/chanhee; pic, any rating

Inbox #47
For kantamu

1. infinite, wooyeol, roadtrip, any (porn welcome! for...all requests.) [Filled]
2. infinite, woohyun/hoya, ghosts, any [Filled]
3. b1a4, gongchan/sandeul, bad boy, any ( preferred. top!gongchan preferred.) [Filled]
4. b1a4, baro/gongchan, coffee/food/baked goods/cafe, any [Filled]
5. b1a4, baro, ringmaster!baro/circus fic/travelling troupe, any [Filled]

Inbox #48
For unevenalignment

1. shinee, ot5, superheroes, g-r [Filled]
2. shinee, minho/onew, puzzles, g-r [Filled]
3. shinee, minho/key, strategy, g-r
4. shinee, onew/jonghyun, resolution, g-r [Filled]
5. fti, jonghun/hongki, anything you can do, i can do better, g-r

Inbox #49
For soundbrighter

1. mblaq, g.o/mir, bad decisions, any rating
2. big bang, yb/seungri, sign, any rating [Filled]
3. suju, kyuhyun/yesung, "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results", any rating
4. 2pm, wooyoung/junho, pet shop au, any rating
5. snsd, yuri/tiffany, "kisses are like tears; the only ones that are real are the ones you can't hold back", any rating [Filled]

Inbox #50
For hakkais_shadow

1. MBLAQ, Seungho/G.O., trials and tribulations of Appa and Umma, rating doesn't matter [Filled]
2. Super Junior, Kyuhyun/Henry, games Kyuhyun can't win, rating doesn't matter
3. B1A4, Everyone/CNU, Making passes at boys who wear glasses, rating doesn't matter [Filled]
4. B1A4, Gongchan/CNU, the fragility of a paper heart, rating doesn't matter [Filled]
5. Shinee/B1A4, Onew/Sandeul, chipmunk cheeks and heavenly voices, rating doesn't matter [Filled]

~ From your mods: subtleslide (Ralph), blueballons (Kitty), pikagyu (Lilly), static_abyss (Ana), and jinkitama (Tama)

**If there are any errors on this list, please comment here and let us know so we may fix it! Thanks!**
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