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Hey guys, just a reminder that on Tuesday February 7th around 6PM PST, a post will go up that will allow participants with inboxes to replace their unclaimed prompts with new ones of their choosing. So if some of your requests haven't been crossed off yet, start thinking up new ones! Of course, this process is completely optional, so if you prefer to keep your old prompts, that's perfectly fine too.

Other participants: feel free come back then and check out the new prompts!

As well, February 7th, 6PM PST will also be the deadline for dropping any prompts you have claimed but do not believe you can finish. After this point, you are locked into filling the request you have claimed and will be penalized for not completing them by February 28th.

Again, even though February 28th is the hard deadline for the gifts, please try to have them completed by February 14th when the inboxes are unscreened :)
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