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Request Replacement Post

If you are a participant and would like a another chance to get your requests filled, then this post is for you! You may replace any unclaimed request in your inbox for another, as long as the total number of requests remains the same. Please note that once you replace a request, you cannot change it again or revert it back to the original.

Please fill out the form below in the comments:

The updated requests will be BOLDED in both the inbox and masterlist for easier reference, as will any dropped/forfeited requests.

Also note that this process is entirely optional. If you would like to keep your original requests in case they are picked up at the last second, you are also free to do so.

Lastly, if you have claimed requests or are planning to claim more requests, you are locked in to fulfill them from this time onward. The deadline is February 28th, but completing and posting them by February 14th is strongly encouraged.

Thank you for your time!
Tags: 2012, mod
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