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A quartet of updates

Dear participants,

At this point, most of you have claimed a few prompts of your own and are getting ready to write. Here is a post that will hopefully clarify a few rules and help you out a little :)

1. The Posting Guidelines

Once you have finished writing for a request (hooray!), please post it as a comment in the participant's inbox with the prompt number, title, pairing, and rating if applicable. If you have gone above and beyond the 100 word minimum and find yourself unable to fit your story into one comment box, please post the subsequent parts of the story as a new comment. Just remember to include part numbers in the header!

As an example of this process, here's a masterlist of last year's inboxes for reference to posting.

2. Claim Dropping

Sometimes, we bite off more than we can chew. There's no shame in going a little crazy with claiming when faced with a list of 250 exciting prompts. If you are able to fill all the requests you've claimed by February 14th (soft deadline) or 28th (hard deadline), then congratulations! However, if you cannot foresee yourself completing your claims by February 28th, please give up any of those claims by February 7th, 2012. You can do so by messaging the mods or commenting in this post.

(Prompts that have been dropped will be uncrossed from the inbox and masterlist and bolded, so participants, please check back often to see if a request you wanted is available to be taken again!)

If you choose to hold on to your claims past February 7th, then you are locked in to fill that request. Should you fail to complete the fill by February 28, 2012, you will be blacklisted and banned from participating in future rounds of this exchange.

The penalty is harsh because the prompt that you have claimed and left unfilled could have been taken by someone else to create a gift for that person. Remember that we're trying to get as many prompts filled in each inbox as possible. Please help us achieve this goal!

3. Prompt Switching

On February 7th, after the claims drop deadline, participants whose inboxes contain unclaimed requests may replace them with other requests. A new post will open then for participants switch their prompts.

The new prompts will also be bolded in the inbox and masterlist, so please check back then to see if there are any other requests you'd like to fill. Please note that beyond February 7th, any prompts that you claim cannot be dropped, and you are locked in to complete them by February 28th at the latest.

4. Messenger Service

Do you have any questions about your giftee's preferences? Are you worried that your interpretation of their prompt may not be what they're looking for? Well worry no more, the kpv mods will gladly act as your messengers!

Just comment here with the inbox # and prompt # of your claim, as well as the question/concern you have for your giftee, and we will pass the message on to them, all while keeping your identities anonymous! Try it out for free! No postage required!

As usual, questions/comments/concerns go in the commentbox. Comments are screened.

Happy writing!

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